Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Superhero Training

I headed north from Detroit with Bright Sky, another superhero, to challenge the impossible at Superhero Training, roughly 75 mi away.  Setbacks included (but were not limited to):  three flat tires, falling out screws, falling off panniers, and twice broken pedal.  Setbacks resulted in:  new tubes, tires and tape; extraordinary pannier arrangement savvy; and new pedals. 

Superhero Training

22 Superheroes converged on Colombiaville, MI for four days at Three Roods Organic farm for training, service on the land, and service in the community. 

By the end, when old superheroes' powers were dusted off and new superhero powers had been found, we set off for the next stage of our adventurous mission, to spread spontaneous joy and realize the impossible across Michigan. 

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